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  Martial Arts Equipment & Interesting Websites: Tokon USA (Karate Uniforms) Kaiten Europe (Karate Uniforms) Schlatt Books Australian College of Sports Development Rising Sun Video Productions (Martial Arts Videos & DVDs) Yamazato Video Productions (Martial Arts Videos & DVDs) Karate Masters Japanese Calligraphy's by Nikki Time E-Medicine Health  Masters Magazine (Martial Arts Magazine by Jose Fraguas) Karate Federations in the USA: USA Karate Federation AJKA AAU ISKF JKA/WF USA ITKF Shotokan of America Kenneth Funakosh Karate Federation SKI USA USANKF     Karate Federations in Germany: DJKB DKV Japan Travels: Call Bobby Chinen for traveling to Japan and great Tours (Bobby does this for over 30 years, so he knows ALL the good places to eat and can maybe even help out when it comes to find a Karate Dojo): Call (808) 737 1331 Or Email to:   Karate World Federations: WKF KWF JKA JKF SKI   Dojos: (Southern Maryland Shotokan Karate) Shotokan Dojo of Sensei Paul Willoughby Maryland USA   Academy of Karate Shotokan Dojo of Sensei Joseph Claycomb California USA   Best Karate  Shotokan Dojo of Sensei Emil Valdes California USA   JKA - Bahrain Shotokan Dojo of Sensei Ehab Eshehawi   Shujinko Dojo Germany (Jens Schaprian)   TokonSacramento

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