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October 20, 2014

Karate Competition Manual to Success

Karate Competition Manual to Success for Athletes

We are proud to announce that KarateCoaching has just uploaded in our Karate Instructor Corner a manual to competition success. This is the only manual of its kind and will help Karate athletes and coaches to accomplish their goals. The manual breaks down in over 65 pages what it takes to be successful as a Karate competitor and how to approach a competition career over a period of 10 years. All necessary skills needed are explained and the athlete can monitor his/her progress through charting. This manual can even be used for any other sport with only small modifications. Anybody who wants to become an elite athlete or just become better in his/her sport should use this manual.

The manual applies to WKF Karate as much as it applies to JKA Karate or any other Karate style and federation.

You can see a 4-page preview below. The full manual is available for quarterly and yearly members only. You can download it in the instructor corner.


Download (PDF, 218KB)