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January 30, 2020

How To Handle Being Bullied

Learn how to prevent your child being bullied and how to compact with bullies in an optimistic way. Sensei Marcus Hinschberger, founder of Tokon Martial Arts in Sacramento can help you prevent bullying and defend yourself in dangerous situations by making your child confident, focused, socially accretive and disciplined.

What Will You Do When Your Child Comes Home With A Black Eye, A Bloody Nose & Another Pair Of Broken Glasses?

It is frightening to think that your child may be selected as the next target of the neighborhood or schoolyard bully. Will you know how to spot the warning signs? Will your child know how to react, protect or defend themselves? Click here to to read the full article by Sensei Marcus Hinschberger. 

January 23, 2020

Help Your Child To Improve Academic Skills

Do you want to help your children getting good grades? Then have them begin martial arts training. So says celebrated martial arts master Sensei Marcus Hinschberger in this article. Read on to hear great parenting advice from the Founder of Tokon Martial Arts about the best activity for children and kids’ that promotes attitude, self-discipline and confidence.

“I Was Crushed… When I Saw My Child’s School Report Card!”

Who do you blame when your son or daughter comes home with a bad school report? Do you blame your child for not making enough effort? Do you blame yourself for not making sure the homework was done? Do you even blame the teacher? Read the full article “I Was Crushed… When I Saw My Child’s School Report Card!” by founder of Tokon Martial Arts.

January 16, 2020

Power of Martial Arts For Children

Tokon Martial Arts instructor, Sensei Marcus Hinschberger, has published a new article that explains the problems faced by children in modern society. He added that children often face challenges due to lack of self-esteem. Read this informative article by Sensei Marcus Hinschberger to learn the skillsets necessary to keep your child enthusiastic, determinant, disciplined and focused.

Improve your Child's behavior with the help of Tokon Martial Arts Sacramento

Raising a child these days isn’t easy. Kids face challenges we never dreamed of before: unhealthy food, sex, and violence on TV, drugs in schools, bullies, gangs and predators on the Internet. Read the full article Improve your Child's behavior with the help of Tokon Martial Arts Sacramento by Sensei Marcus Hinschberger.

Health Benefits of Martial Arts

Martial arts help you possess active and fit among other people who deficient to attain the training. Corporate Trainer and well-known Shotokan Karate Master, Sensei Marcus Hinschberger brought the attention towards kid’s physical fitness and health. Read more to learn about how to keep your child healthy, enthusiastic and prevent them from negative peer pressure.

The true reason why Tokon Martial Arts Sacramento can help your child

Enter More and more children today are unhealthy, unfit and overweight than ever before. Statistics show that 7 out of 10 kids are above their ideal body weight. It’s a health crisis that is reaching epidemic proportions. And more than your child’s physical health is at stake. Click here to read the full article by Sensei Marcus Hinschberger (CEO of Taitoku Training).

Guide To Lifelong Learning in Martial Arts

The secret to turning a problem child into a super kid! Celebrated Martial Arts Expert, Sensei Marcus Hinschberger of Tokon Martial Arts, Natomas spot the reader’s attention towards one’s willingness of life-long learning. Read on to find out how to make habit of continuous determination and potential growth.

Karate Students – The perfect lifelong Learners

One of the best habits that can be installed into a person is the willingness and eagerness of life-long learning and improvement. For more information, read the full article Karate Students – The perfect lifelong Learners​ by Sensei Marcus Hinschberger (CEO of Taitoku Training).