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Best Martial Arts For Father And Son

A strong bond can be developed between father and his sons by martial arts activity. In this article, Sensei Marcus Hinschberger highlights the self-development that a father and son can learn together.  Read on to hear great parenting advice from the Founder of Tokon Martial Arts about how karate provides opportunity to bring fathers and sons closer.

Why father and son should train Karate together

Are you interested in connecting with your son, guiding him through the teenage years into adult hood? Do you want a strong family bonding experience with your son? Then you should seriously consider training martial arts with him.  Learn more about the article by Martial Arts expert. 

Mother: Daughter’s Super Hero

Sensei Marcus Hinschberger (CEO of Taitoku Team & Leadership Training) and renowned Martial Arts Expert and Founder of Tokon Martial Arts Sacramento, underline the impressive relationship between a mother and her daughters. Moms should learn how to ensure herself and influence her daughters to accomplish higher.

Why every mother should train Karate with her daughter

Do you wish that one day your daughter will brag about how tough her mother is? Do you want to be your daughter’s role model? I am sure you do, but this article is more than just how to get bragging rights. It extends beyond that so you can turn from role model to real-life superhero. For more information, read the full article Why every mother should train Karate with her daughter by Sensei Marcus Hinschberger (CEO of Taitoku Training).

The Key To Success

In this article published by Tokon Martial Arts Academy, Sensei Marcus Hinschberger explains how to make your child successful by drawing the line towards the encouragement and emotional intelligence that help your child to be socially successful and equipped with perseverance. A must read!

The best way to make your child successful

Every parent wants the very best for their child(ren), and of course, every parent wants their child to be successful.

But what does success mean? How is it defined? This is an important question to ask because too often we define success only in monetary terms. But there is so much more than money. Click here to read the full article by Sensei Marcus Hinschberger.

The Ultimate Full Body Workout

A martial arts exercise is mainstream among the individuals who are captivated by the attitude and charm of the getting in shape. Celebrated Martial Arts Expert, Sensei Marcus Hinschberger of Tokon Martial Arts in Natomas Sacramento, explains individual’s self-cultivation and internal growth which help to eliminate conflict. Read on to find out why you need full body workout.

This is a true full body workout

How do you define a full body workout? The most common definition implies that it must involve all joints and muscles. That is one way to describe it. Others might say that a full body workout must increase strength and power, train explosiveness, speed, agility, endurance and so on. These are all true as well. For more information, read the full article This is a true full body workout by Martial Arts Expert