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Save Your Child From Being a Victim of Bullying

What you need to do if your child is being bullied? Read this article by Martial Arts expert Sensei Marcus Hinschberger about how to overcome the situation and develop emotional intelligence into children by encouraging them to report bullying. This article should be read by parents to progress child development.

If you don’t want your child to be bullied

Bullying is nothing new. In fact most readers have probably been bullied themselves. What seems to have changed is how a bullied person deals with the situation. If you want to put and end to your child being bullied or maybe even yourself than you might are interested to learn that martial arts training can help. Click here to read the full article. by Sensei Marcus Hinschberger.

Mom’s Guide To Protect Her Children

In this article, founder of Tokon Martial Arts academy and martial arts instructor Sensei Marcus Hinschberger draws the line for parents to emphasize martial arts training for their children’s personal growth and spiritual development. This is one article that everyone who needs parenting advice will read for a long time to come.

Why single moms should train Martial Arts with their child(ren)

As a single mom you have many hats and play many roles - still yet it takes a village to raise a child. If you are interested in guiding your children to success and to make them strong adults you need to be the best version of yourself and their role model. Traditional Martial Arts might be a great tool to help you to accomplish not only that but even more. Learn the ways to protect your children by great martial arts instructor Sensei Marcus Hinschberger.

Martial Arts: How To Get Better Grades?

Do you want to help your child accomplish goals and get better grades? Read this informative article by founder of Tokon Martial Arts Sacramento, Sensei Marcus Hinschberger explains how to develop character traits to encounter diverse challenges faced by children as well as factors important for a child’s success.

Why Martial Arts students have better grades in School

Is your child is struggling in school? Do you wish your child would bring home better grades? If so then you are probably interested in what you might could do to make your child more successful. To learn more about the academic benefit read the full article by Sensei Marcus Hinschberger.

Martial Arts And Goals Setting

Learn how martial arts help your child to grow and convert their skills into success. In this article, Sensei Marcus Hinschberger shares a real-life story happened in Second World War highlighting the factors necessary for the success and learn how to emphasize your strength to accomplish in life. A must read!

Tokon Martial Arts teaches your child how to make it to the top

Sometime during the Second World War, a cargo ship got hit by a torpedo and sank in the North Sea, leaving several of its crew to fight for survival in a lifeboat. One of the crew members describe a curious incident that took place shortly after. For more information, read the full article Tokon Martial Arts teaches your child how to make it to the top by Sensei Marcus Hinschberger (CEO of Taitoku Training).

Activity For Any Age

There is no age limit to start the martial arts journey! Top Martial Arts instructor, Sensei Marcus Hinschberger, has published a new article that explains how you can look younger by introducing martial arts into your life. He enlightens that martial art is the perfect family activity that promotes self-development and spiritual growth.

What is the best activity for any age?

Are you interested in staying younger and healthier? For centuries the traditional Martial Arts have shown us a path to longevity, health and well-being. If you are serious about staying and feeling younger you should seriously consider training a traditional Martial Arts such as Karate. To read the full article, click here.

Mother as Role Model

Mothers are primary potential role model for her daughters. Learn how to guide your daughter to recognize her superlative potential through martial arts training and role modeling.  In this article, Sensei Marcus Hinschberger an expert on self-development explains the great bond between a mother and her daughter.  It is definitely a recommended read.

Why mothers and daughters should train Karate together

Are you interested in connecting with your daughter, guiding her through the teenage years into adult hood? Do you want a strong family bonding experience with her? Then you should seriously consider training martial arts with him. Read the ways to stay connected with your daughter by martial arts master Sensei Marcus Hinschberger