About Karate Coaching

KarateCoaching.com is a group of educators consisting national and international karate champions, karate instructors, certified personal trainers, athletic performance coaches and nutrition specialists. KarateCoaching.com is put together based on the input from top-level instructors, coaches, competitors as well as sports science from around the world. Through that we are able to cover not only Karate as an art and sport but also address all the applicable training topics from both a student and an instructor perspective.

Our far-reaching and complete karate information content is enhanced with performance coaching as well as educational and business advice.

KarateCoaching brings all your educatinoal needs for Karate, Fitness, Conditioning, Health and Recovery to you in one convenient place.

Who Are We?

A few years ago, a group of top-level karate instructors and trainers saw a need. Critical information about traditional karate was spread out all over the place. There was no central database where karateka could go to find what they needed.

And so KarateCoaching.com was born. We have compiled insight and demonstrations from many karate champions and expert instructors. We believe that this is the best place to find information on traditional karate.Our group is headed up by: Marcus Hinschberger President & Founder

Marcus has always had a passion for helping karateka improve. A very successful competitor and instructor, Marcus is the heart and soul of our site. You can reach him at marcus@karatecoaching.com

Shihan Yokota: Partner

Mr. Yokota has spent more than 50 years helping dojos and students to grow. From short video clips on technique to entire articles on theory and practice, Mr. Yokota enjoys lending his spot-on insight to karatecoaching.com.



+Marcus Hinschberger