Balance & Core Exercises

While we do have muscles that directly move our body or an object we also have many muscles that just help to either stabilize or decelerate us our an object. Often times these stabilizing muscles are not trained enough and can lead to injuries. Balance & stabilization training improves endurance of these muscles and can also make them smarter and teach them how and when to fire in a coordinated way. This is essential in any sports performance.

A good feeling for balance is fundamental for Kata as well as for Kumite. Any advantage over your opponent counts. Therefore you should always incorporate some balance and stabilization training into your workout. This is also a great way to keep kids’ classes fun while teaching them essential skills for their athletic career.



Stability Ball Balance Push Up

Reversed Stability Balance Push Up

Kneeling Stability Ball Rollout

Medicine Ball Twister

Side to Side Ball Throw

Sit and Rotate

Stability Ball Hamstring Curls

Bosu Single Leg Squat

Prone Ball Knee Drive

Lunge and Rotate

Single Leg Balance Squat (forward)

Stability Ball Push Up wit 2 Balls

Reversed Stability Balance Push Up with 2 Balls

Kneeling Stability Ball Ball Catch & Throws

One Leg Opposite Arm Ball Throw

Russian Twists

Prone Twist

Lateral Stability Ball Wall Squat

Hip Twister on Stability Ball in Push Up Position

Split Stride

Single Leg Rotations

Stability Ball Press with Partner

Stability Ball Kick Outs with Push Up on Bosu

Lunge Pattern

„No“ Lunges

Stability Ball Kneeing both Knees

Stability Ball Kneeing one Knee

Stability Ball Squats

One Leg / One Arm Squat Rowing

Stability Ball Killer Roll Outs

Stability Ball Push Up Lift Offs with clapping Hands