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Why do you need KarateCoaching?

As students and teachers of Karate, we all want to take our training or teaching to the next level. We have the desire to go deeper, whether we are students, instructors, or competitors. Part of our Karate journey is the will to keep educating ourselves as students but even more so as instructors. is the deepest, most comprehensive online source of Karate information available. With over 1500 video clips, pictures and articles nothing comes even remotely close. If you are serious about learning, enhancing your understanding and performance of Karate, you need to check this out.


You don't believe us?

Highly organized and structured, well laid out and planned this is better than anything else you can find online or in print. Unlike YouTube, provides all the information you need in one convenient place. Whichever style of karate you practice, you will be able to use the information on to enhance your training and teaching. Members from over 25 countries have already joined KarateCoaching which proves that our database has no match in content quantity and quality.


How do you know we are qualified? is a group of educators consisting national and international karate champions, karate instructors, certified personal trainers, athletic performance coaches and nutrition specialists. is put together based on the input from top-level instructors, coaches, competitors as well as the latest sports science. Through that we are able to cover not only Karate as an art and sport but also address all the applicable training topics from both a student and an instructor perspective. The wide and complete offer of karate information is enhanced with performance coaching as well as educational information and business advice.


Will it work for you?

Absolutely yes! The website is structured in many categories and sub-categories. All topics go from easy to difficult, from white belt to black belt, from student to teacher from hobby Karateka to elite athlete. Many topics are style independent and of interest to any serious and committed martial artist.


What are the benefits?

For students: You want to prepare for your next belt test and although you have a written curriculum you don’t know the moves or combinations? Why not look at our videos that show all Kihon techniques and combinations that are commonly used? You have heard about the dojo kun, kime, breathing, makiwara and all these things but they are still open books to you? Why not read our articles, watch the videos and get the answers to your questions?


For Athletes: Do you want to know how elite athletes train? Do you want to know how to become faster, more explosive and stronger? has hundreds of exercises tailored towards these goals. Do you want to know how to become more agile and quicker? We do have many drills laid out for you. Do you know how to prepare for a competition? We will show you how. Do you know how to recover from hard and straining training and how to prevent injuries? We have the answers.

For coaches and instructors: We help you grow your classes, both in ability, and in numbers. From high-quality handouts to tips on keeping your karateka healthy, we show you how to keep on getting better. We give you ideas and unique drills to keep your teaching fresh and relevant. With Shihan Yokota a JKA instructor class graduate you will learn karate from its source. This gives you the chance to access the inside knowledge taught in Japan.

You finally have some adults joining but can’t keep them because they are injured? We can offer you solutions to prevent injuries. You need some games for your kids classes? Look into our instructor corner where we have many kids games just waiting for you. Do you need good quality pictures for your advertising? We offer them to you for free. You could use a handout that explains basic rules to new students but you just don't have the time to write them down? Why not download it from us - it is all done for you already. Your kids have a hard time remembering their Heian Katas? Why don't you pass out our Heian Kata posters from our downloadable section.

Need some drills for tonight’s class? We have them. How about conditioning? You will get that too. Need to train athletes? Well you guessed it right- we have solutions for that too.

Join - you can’t go wrong! combines information about:

• Traditional karate
• Sport karate
• Fitness
• The business end of karate
•Teaching programs
•Teaching kids classes

Whatever stage you are at in your karate journey, KarateCoaching will help:

For students (white to black belt):
• Kihon
• Kata (Shotokan & Shito Ryu)
• Kata Bunkai (application)
• Kumite
• Kyu & Dan preparation
• Dojo etiquette and philosophy
• Kime, hara, breathing, makiwara and more

For coaches and instructors:
• How to teach students from white to black belt
• Solid pointers for training
• Many ideas for supplementary training
• Learn how to train like Olympic and professional sports athletes
• Complete karate lexicon

For dojo owners & professionals:
•Fundraising and advertising advice
•Services you can provide at your dojo
•Business help and ideas
•How to prepare your athletes for elite competitions


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