December 2, 2019

Build Self-Confidence in Children

Read this educative article by celebrated Karate expert, Sensei Marcus Hinschberger and learn how to teach your kids self-confidence. Drawing from his experience working with kids at the Tokon Martial Arts Academy, Sensei Marcus gives sound parenting advice to help parents rakes kids that are confident and self-assured.

Do You Want Your Kids To Be Self-Confident?

Psychologists say childhood is one of the most important phases in the human lifespan. This is because a lot of what happens during this stage lays the foundation for how the life of that individual will turn out. That’s why as parents, we must pay extra attention to how we equip our children to face life in this season of their lives. They face many challenges such as school bullies, social media, peer pressure, academic challenges and may feel overwhelmed by what they encounter.  For more information, read the full article Do You Want Your Kids To Be Self-Confident?

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