September 23, 2019

Confidence In Children Uncovered

Self-esteem starts in early childhood and develops slowly with the growth of a child. Kids with healthy self-esteem try new things, take risks, and solve their problems. They have the confidence and courage to perform better because they believe in their skills.

Sensei Marcus Hinschberger, Instructor at Tokon Martial Arts and owner of Corporate Training Taitoku wrote an article about the psychological and character developing system for students of all ages, whether it be children, adults, or professionals. He specifies exercises and solutions to help strengthen character, discipline, self-esteem, focus, and life skills.

Read more about the article Imagine Your Child…Being the Most Well Behaved and Confident Youngster in the Neighborhood by Sensei Marcus Hinschberger (CEO of Taitoku Training). 

KarateCoaching Admin