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We are proud to announce that you can now associate your dojo/school with the International KarateCoaching Federation. We offer two ways for you to associate:

1) Independent associate: An independent associate follows their own guidelines and testing requirements and just wants their members recognized by KarateCoaching. Independent associates can keep their membership with their current federation as KarateCoaching is none-political federation.

2) Fully associated: A fully associated dojo follows the strict guidelines, testing requirements and instructor program of Full associates can keep their membership with their current federation as KarateCoaching is none-political federation.

The goal within the International KarateCoaching Federation is to offer the best possible service and most benefits to the dojos. All dojos and the members that test through KarateCoaching are listed in the worldwide Kyu or Dan Database with a backlink to the dojo. The listing comes not only with the examines name, rank and date of the test but also with a full online copy of all of his/her certificates. All Kyu and Dan achievements are stored in the database. Recording all progress of the student. In addition every examine gets a certificate mailed to his/her dojo for the examiner to pass out.

Create a KarateCoaching Kyu Certificate (registered & associated Dojo's only)


We offer to our members:

1) KarateCoaching Dojo Membership Certificate: All dojos whether they are independent associates or fully associated dojos MUST have a valid Dojo Membership Certificate. A Dojo Membership Certificate is valid for 1 year.

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2) KarateCoaching Membership Pass: All dojos that associate with KarateCoaching can offer their members the KarateCoaching Membership Pass.

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KarateCoaching Pass 16 Pages 3.5 x 5.5



3) KarateCoaching Dan Rank Recognition Certificates: If you have tested through another federation but you want your rank recognized by KarateCoaching please use our Dan Ranking recognition option.

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Karate Coaching Dan Recognition Certificate Concept



4) KarateCoaching Dan Certificates: If you (or your students) want to test through the challenging elite program of KarateCoaching please use this option.

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Karate Coaching Dan Certificate Proof



5) KarateCoaching Kyu Certificates: Associated dojos can order their Kyu certificates through KarateCoaching. Click here to learn more.

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Karate Coaching Kyu Certificate Proof


6) KarateCoaching Examiner License: All instructors that associate their dojo and want to be able to test their students with KarateCoaching must have a valid Examiner License. The examiner license allows the instructor to test students from white belt to brown belt.

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Examiner License SAMPLE


7) Official Examiner Stamp: We recommend for all examiners to have the official traditional examiner stamp. The stamp is customized with the name of the examiner. The handmade and customized stamp will be mailed directly from the manufacturer to you.

Stamp: $50

Flat rate shipping within the US: $15

International shipping will be calculated by the manufacturer.


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