KarateCoaching Kyu Certificates

Associated dojos that have an examiner license and test their students through KarateCoaching can order their Kyu certifications with KarateCoaching.

Kyu registration includes:

- Online registration into the worldwide Database of KarateCoaching for Kyu Certificates (with online visible Dan recognition certificate).

- Backlink from your Kyu Certificate listing to your dojo (backlinks increase your dojo's search engine results).

- KarateCoaching Membership Passport. (for new members/first time examinees with KarateCoaching only)

- KarateCoaching Kyu Certificate. (will be send via mail)

The cost for an individual KarateCoaching Kyu certificate is $50. However, your dojo might has an additional fee for your instructor's work and time to hold the exam, do the needed paperwork and registration work needed.

The cost for an individual Kyu test is $50 (plus $15 flat rate shipping for the certificate).

Instructors and dojos please email us for dojo prices.

If you did hold a Kyu examination and you need to register your students. Please use our Online Kyu Registration form. We will send you via paypal an invoice and issue the certificates and online listings.


Karate Coaching Kyu Certificate Proof