Karate Kumite Overview

On this page you can find anything related to the subject Kumite. Literally translated is means “meeting of the hands” and refers to sparring. There is structured kumite (Yakusoku – pre-arranged) and free sparring such as (Jiyu Kumite) as well as Randori.

In Yakusoku Kumite two or more opponents perform an arranged or choreographed series of techniques with one striking while the other blocks. The form ends with a counter – a devastating technique (Hito Tsuki) and finishing blow.

In Jiyu Kumite, participants have free choice of techniques and are awarded points or scores. Jiyu Kumite is usually supervised by a referee or instructor. The allowed techniques as well as the level of contact are primarily determined by either the federation policies or by the instructor. Rules usually are also modified depending on age, rank and sex of the participants.
Randori, another form of free sparring Kumite is usually done without awarding scores or points and therefore has different rules.

Sports karate such as WKF Kumite has different rules than many of the more traditional Karate federations such as for example JKA Karate.