Interview with Shihan Yokota


01 Where were you born?

02 Where did you go to high school?

03 Were you a good child?

04 What are your college memories?

05 What were your first and second job?

06 How was your time teaching at the ISKF Headquarter in Philadelphia?

07 Do you have hobbies?

08 What is your favorite food & beverage?

09 If you could buy one material thing, what would it be? What would you do with one million dollars?

10 When and why did you start Karate?

11 Who was your first instructor?

12 How was Karate structured in earlier times? Belt tests etc...

13 Where and in what dojo did you start Karate?

14 Do you have any special Karate memories/stories you want to share?

15 Who were your Dohai, Kohai and Sempai?

16 Who did you like to fight the least as a competitor?

17 How was Karate/Kumite in the earlier days in Japan?

18 What is your favorite and least favorite Kata?

19 How has your training changed as you get older compared to when you were younger?

20 What do you do to maintain flexibility?

21 What can you tell us about Sensei Funakoshi?

22 What can you tell us about master Itosu, the teacher of Sensei Funakoshi?

23 What can you share with us about Sensei Nakayama?

24 What can you tell us about other famous Karate instructors?

25 How was training with Sugano Sensei?

26 What can you tell us about Sensei Asai?

27 ASAI Federation

28 How do you define Asai Ryu karate?

29 Why Junro & Joko Kata?

30 ASAI Kyu & Dan Program

31 Progession for higher ranks


33 Children's Karate

34 Training while physically handicapped