Kata no right foot

no left foot

Kata no left foot or no right foot simply means that one does not move either the left or the right foot. Since this is just an exercise that is made up one can set his own rules. I decided that if there is a kick in the Kata to kick with the leg but put it back to the same spot again. If it is necessary to slide I decided to stay on the spot and just move my upper body only.

However feel free to come up with your own rules.

I avoided the jump in Heian Godan just for personal reasons - at the time the videos were made I was/am still recovering from an knee injury/surgery (ACL) and therefore I am not able to jump yet. My suggestion would be just to jump and land at the same spot.

Heian Shodan

(no right or no left foot)

Heian Nidan

(no right or no left foot)

Heian Sandan

(no right or no left foot)

Heian Yondan

(no right or no left foot)

Heian Godan

(no right or no left foot)

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