Karate Stances (Dachi)

Here a list of Karate stances. Karate stances serve multiple purposes such as:

Strengthening & conditioning your legs

Covering distance to or away from an opponent

Correct foot positioning according to the situation and distance towards the opponent

Balance, support, posture and correct center of balance

Shizentai (Natural Stances)

Heiko-Dachi - Natural Stance

Heisoku-Dachi -

Informal Attention Stance

Musubi-Dachi - Attention Stance 

(toes pointing out)

Hachiji Dachi - V Stance

Renoji Dachi - L Stance

Teiji Dachi - T Stance

Attack & Defense Stances

Zenkutsu-Dachi - Front stance

Kokutsu-Dachi - Back Stance

Kiba-Dachi - Horse Stance

Hangetsu Dachi - Half Moon Stance

Shiko-Dachi - Square Stance

Sanchin-Dachi - Hourglass Stance

Sochin-Dachi (also Fudo-dachi) - Rooted Stance

Kosa-Dachi - Cross Leg Stance

Neko-Ashi-Dachi - Cat Stance

Ashi (Gankaku) Dachi

Hiza Dachi


Exercises for ZKD

Exercises for KKD

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