Strength & Conditioning Overview

The best way to strength train & condition yourself for your Karate training and competition.

Gym & Fitness Studio Exercises

Look at all the great exercises that you can do in a fully equipped fitness studio or gym.

Dojo Exercises

(all the great exercises that you can do with your bodyweight).

Kettlebell Exercises

Got Kettlebells? What a great tool to use to strengthen and conditioning yourself. Kettlebells are great for strength but also explosiveness and power. The perfect tool for a Karateka and a must have item. This one tool can do it all.

Medicine Ball Exercises

Old school but still very effective. Get some ideas on how to use a simple medicine ball to improve your performance. 

Bosu Ball Exercises

Great for balance and proprioception (awareness of position and movements of your body). If you are a serious Kata competitor you must look into these exercises and make them part of your daily training.  

Stretch-band Exercises

Yet another affordable but effective way you can strength train for Karate and your athletic performance. Get some ideas by watching our videos. 

Bench Drills 

(just for Fun...)

At the beach, in a park, at the bus station... wherever you are, all you need is a bench and there you go.... have some fun.

Must have items

Here a list of must have items for your strength and conditioning. is the biggest Karate Website in the World. Anything you need to know about Karate can be found here. Take your Karate to the next level. provides all the information you need in one convenient place. Whichever style of karate you practice, you will be able to use the information on to enhance your training and teaching.

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