The new KarateCoaching

Welcome to the new KarateCoaching website

As you can see we have worked behind the scenes to make your KarateCoaching experience even better.

1) improved the navigation dramatically - it is now faster, smoother and cleaner

2) videos are now available in a format for all devices including iPad, iPhone and smartphones

3) we have re-organized the categories in the new overview page

4) we added even more content and videos

5) as a great bonus we do offer now a blog and to make this even better we offer to all our member to send us their karate events, information or maybe even articles they want to share. We will put it up on our blog and share it with the world.

6) as a special bonus we are very proud to announce that Shihan Yokota has joined our team and will share his knowledge and experience. His section already has many videos will constantly grow and new videos & content will be added.

Come and join the movement. Become a member at the leader in online education for Karatekas.

all the best

Your KarateCoaching Team

KarateCoaching Admin