Shotokan Kata Exercises:

Many moves of a Kata only show up ones over every body side. Therefore one does not get to exercise them enough and we show lack of training in these techniques. Therefore we suggest with these samples possible ways to exercise these techniques in a Kihon way. Feel free to take any more moves from the Kata and exercise it in a similar Kihon way. However, we have limited it to just one to two sequences per Kata. Feel free to create your own and as many as you feel like.   Heian Shodan Heian Nidan Heian Sandan Heian Yondan Heian Godan Tekki Shodan Tekki Nidan Tekki Sandan Bassai Dai Bassai Sho Jion Ji'in Jitte Chinte Empi (Enpi) Hangetsu Wankan Kanku Dai Kanku Sho Gankaku Meikyo Nijushiho Sho Sochin Gojushiho Sho Gojushiho Dai Unsu