Massage Stick

The massage stick as well as the Foam Roll are not only a great tools but a "must have" for any Karateka and dojo. Both serve as a valuable tools for your recovery and muscle hygiene.

Through the massage stick you are able to roll out knots (adhesions), providing myofascial release and trigger point therapy. This procedure inactivates trigger points, increases blood flow, circulation that encourages  nutrient-rich blood flow and warms muscles. The massage stick can help to relieve pain and increase range of motion, promotes accelerated recovery and flexibility.

Typical warm-up is about 20 progressively deeper passes over each muscle group (about 30 seconds per area). Chronic trigger points need up to 20 additional passes over the involved area and may require attention several times on a daily base.

Muscles containing trigger points are often weak, stiff and sore. They are frequently tight, easily tired and often hurt.

Pain is experienced when the spindles locate a bump or tender knot in the muscle (adhesion) knows as trigger points.

Areas you can use the massage stick





Lower Back


IT Band

Quads/Vastus Medialis



Anterior Tibialis

Tips on using the massage stick

  • Keep muscle relaxed during rollout
  • Use on skin or through light clothing
  • The stick is waterproof and designed to bow without the fear of breaking
  • It is not necessary to hurt the muscle in order to help the muscle
  • Use before, during and after periods of activity
  • For pin-point rollout, slide hands onto spindles
  • The amount of pressure is always determined by the recipient

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