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Working with Karate Coaching

We have worked with Marcus and Karate Coaching for many years. Throughout those years we have come to know Marcus as a dedicated person and Karate Coaching as an incredible organization. It’s always been clear that his work with Karate Coaching comes from a deep and broad understanding of Karate and its benefits to many. His family history has given him a leg up on most practitioners and his willingness to share that legacy is great. Few teaching organizations go to the length that they do to provide their users with such broad and useful information.

At Artotems Co. we have assisted with designing, marketing, and consulting for Karate Coaching, Tokon Karate Uniforms, and Tokon Martial Arts. It’s always been a pleasure to work with them.

About Artotems Co.

Artotems Co. provides marketing services and consulting for small to medium sized businesses for all things digital and net-based. We also produce unique digital designs for presenting and communicating ideas, messages, and information on the web and in print.