Dojo Exercises Overview

These exercises are great in many ways. One of the benefits is that there is no need for purchasing expensive gym equipment.  More importantly, these exercises are purely functional since athletic performance is about moving our own body weight. All suggested exercises can be done in the dojo (with a partner) and no weights (just body weight).



Lateral Push Up Jumps

Lateral Push Up Walk with Partner

Push Up Partner Walk with Claps

Partner Push Ups

Heavy Bag Throwing

Heavy Bag Throwing with Push Ups



Biceps Pulls


Back & Lats:

Partner Lats Pull



Triceps Dips with Partner



Partner Assisted Handstand Walks



Backwards Lunges

Forward Lunges

Partner Leg Press 1

Partner Leg Press 2

Partner Squats

Lunge Pattern

“No” Lunges

Balance Squat forward

One Leg Squatting

Partner Leg Hops

Spider Walk

Yoko Geri Strengthening Exercise

Mae Geri Strengthening Exercise


Plyometric Chest & Hamstring Drill


Gluteus Maximus:

Butt Kick outs to the Rear

Butt Kick outs to the Side

Butt Lifts



Core Arms Up & Down

Core Holding Holding Side Rises

Core Holding

Core Superman

Push Up Clapping Hands Game



Abs Stand Ups

Abs Side to Side Feet Touch

Abs Side Crunches

Abs Lateral V-Ups

Abs Frog Style



Other Exercise (full body, reaction, arms etc): 

Tennis Ball Reaction Drill