Kata Bassai Sho

Description: Bassai Sho - Penetrating or capturing the Fortress (small). This Kata teaches a certain calmness and settledness in its techniques. It's important to get a good feeling for the blocks and stay well connected to the ground while blocking. It will challenge you in balance, core stability and with its Bunkai against a Bo.

More Information: Important techniques of this Kata are:

Morote Teisho Barai

Sokumen Awase Uke

Bo Tori

Haimen Kaki Wake Uke

Morote Ura Tsuki

Sokutei Uke

Mawashi Uke/Neko Ashi Dachi


Characteristic of this Kata:

This Kata teaches you balance and how to control your body center (tanden) through the three difficult block techniques called Morote Teisho Barai.