Kata Jitte

Description: The Kata's name "strength of 10 men" gives it away. This is a powerful Kata and one must show good use of power. As in Heian Sandan, but also Bassai Sho, this Kata challenges the practitioner with concentration and locking of the hips during the three blocks (Jodan Yoko Uchi Barai). Jitte (as well as Bassai Dai) also teaches a certain power that can be described as "Breaking Power"

More Information: Important techniques of this Kata are:

Tekubi Kake Uke

Haito Uchi

Bo Uke/Tsukami tori

Uke Kae

Bo Hiki

Jodan Yoko Uchi Barai

Sagi Ashi Dachi


Characteristic of this Kata:

Block techniques against Bo attacks.