Sergei Sheydayi

Sergei Sheydayi


My father started Karate in the early 70’s. I had always wanted to go and train with him but at that time the instructor would not take any kids. I started Karate in high school. When I was a junior my father told me I had better start Karate because if I didn’t my mouth would get me killed one of these days. And here I am today...

I had gotten very ill and took 10 years off from training. After my divorce I needed some way to vent so I came back to Karate. Also it was great for anger management because my divorce lasted 3.5 years. So obviously I needed something.

By the way the reason that this is the only time you will ever see me is because I am behind the camera. If you own a truck don’t tell your friends or you will be moving someone every weekend. The same principles applies with video cameras.

Name: Sergei Sheydayi

Birthday: Feb 15th, 1967

College: U of A, ASU

Major: Mechanical Eng. & Real Estate & Economic Development Analysis

Favorite Color: who cares...?

Favorite Book: only read for information

Favorite Movie: I don’t know

Favorite Food: Japanese, Middle Eastern

Favorite Quote: No matter where you go, there you are.

My favorite songs
Classical Music

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