3rd Black Belt: Sandan

Attention: The listed techniques are just a suggestion for this level. Please double check with your instructor to get the required techniques/program that your school/federation requires!

KlHON: (all techniques depending on the examiner are executed 2 to 5 times!)

The examiner announces 5 different combinations from shodan or nidan program

KUMITE: Jiyu-Kumite

Depending on age may Jiyu-Ippon-Kumite!

KATA: The examinee can choose one kata from the Tokui kata (except any kata shown already for an earlier Dan test)

The Examinee usually is not allowed to demonstrate: Unsu, Gojushiho Sho and Dai (usually those kata are for higher ranks, please check with your instructor).

  1. The examiner chooses one out of the 5 sentei kata (Bassai-Dai, Kanku-Dai, Jion, Empi and Hangetsu)
  1. The examiner chooses one kata out of Heian 1-5 and Tekki 1-3

The examiner chooses one kata out of: Bassai-Sho, Kanku-Sho, Nijushiho, Jitte, Chinte, Meikyo, Gankaku, Sochin