Purple Belt 4th Kyu

​Attention: The listed techniques are just a suggestion for this level. Please double check with your instructor to get the required techniques/program that your school/federation requires!

KIHON: (all techniques depending on the examiner are executed 2 to 5 times!)

1. From Gedan-Kamae left, forward ZkD / Oi-Zuki, mawatte Gedan-Barai in ZkD, (watch video)

2. Forward ZkD / Sanbon-Zuki (Jodan/Chudan/Chudan), (watch video)

3. Backwards ZkD / Age-Uke/Gyaku-Zuki, (watch video)

4. Forward ZkD / Uchi-Uke/Jodan-Kizami-Zuki/Chudan-Gyaku-Zuki, (watch video)

5. Backwards ZkD / Soto-Uke switch over into KbD Yoko-Empi-Uchi/Tate-Uraken, mawatte Gedan-Barai in ZkD, (watch video)

6. Forward KkD / Shuto-Uke/Kizami-Mae-Geri/Nukite switch ZkD, (watch video)

7. From Chudan-Kamae, forward ZkD / Mae-Geri, mawatte Gedan-Barai in ZkD (watch video)

8. From Chudan-Kamae, forward ZkD / Mawashi-Geri, mawatte Gedan-Barai in KbD (watch video) mawatte Gedan-Barai in KbD (watch video)

9. From Chudan-Kamae, forward KbD Yoko-Geri-Kekomi, (watch video)

KUMITE: Kihon Ippon Kumite (read) (watch)

Attack (KOGEKI):

a) from GEDAN-KAMAE left: 2 x Jodan-Oi-Zuki

b) from GEDAN-KAMAE left: 2 x Chudan-Oi-Zuki

c) from CHUDAN-KAMAE left: 2 x Chudan-Mae-Geri

d) from CHUDAN-KAMAE left: 2 x Chudan-Yoko-Geri-Kekomi

Defense (UKE):

Free choice of Sabaki move, free choice of block technique,

Free choice of counter – however level of counter must differ at least

KATA: Heian-Godan