Yellow Belt 8th Kyu

Attention: The listed techniques are just a suggestion for this level. Please double check with your instructor to get the required techniques/program that your school/federation requires!​

KIHON: (All techniques depending on the examiner are executed 2 to 5 times)!

1. From Gedan-Kamae left, forward ZkD/Oi-Zuki,

turn (mawatte) ZkD/Gedan-Barai, (watch video)

2. Forward ZkD/Age-Uke,

turn (mawatte) ZkD/Gedan-Barai, (watch video)

3. Forward ZkD/Soto-Uke,

turn (mawatte) ZkD/Gedan-Barai, (watch video)

4. Forward ZkD/Uchi-Uke,

turn (mawatte) KkD/Shuto-Uke, (watch video)

5. From Shuto-Uke-Kamae, forward KkD/Shuto-Uke,

turn (mawatte) ZkD with double (both arms) Gedan-Barai, (watch video)

6. From Ryo-Yoko-Gedan-Barai-Kamae, forward ZkD/Chudan-Mae-Geri,

turn (mawatte) KbD/Gedan-Barai, (watch video)

7. From Chudan-Kamae, forward KbD/Yoko-Geri-Kekomi (watch video)

KUMITE: Gohon Kumite (read) (watch)

Attack (KOGEKI):

a) from GEDAN-KAMAE left: 5 x continuously Jodan-Oi-Zuki

b) from GEDAN-KAMAE left: 5 x continuously Chudan-Oi-Zuki

Defense (UKE):

a) from SHIZENTAI: 5 x continuously Age-Uke,

counter with Chudan-Gyaku-Zuki

b) from SHIZENTAI: 5 x continuously Soto-Uke,

counter with Chudan-Gyaku-Zuki

The attacker starts with ZkD, first attack with the right 5x continuously.

The defender stands in Hachiji-Dachi and steps back with his right and blocks with his left 5x continuously.

Counter with Kiai.

After the sequence, the defender moves his leg forward back into the starting position!

KATA: Heian-Shodan